About Us

Pattie and I have always enjoyed the outdoors.  Once she figured out the difference between “camping” (hiking, biking, campfires, steaks on a bbq, beer and long chats into the evening) and “birding” (dawn to dusk walking, tent is just a place to sleep, and you might find a beer or steak at the restaurant when you sit down to eat at 9:30pm :-) ), we really started to enjoy ourselves. You can bird when you camp, but it’s a lot harder to camp when you are birding!

At Portobelo

For me, the groundwork for this passion of mine was laid at an early age by my Granny and Grandpa Bisset, who used to take our family on Sunday drives through the back roads of Colborne Township, stopping at the Benmiller feed mills, looking for Bluebirds on the fences, and generally enjoying each others’ company. When I was 11 or so, my parents and I took our first trip to Point Pelee, which became an annual tradition. When I was 15 I saved and bought my first camera, a Canon AE-1, and a Bushnell 100-300 zoom lens. Since then the combination of enjoying the birds and trying to get photographs has been my primary hobby. Pattie and I still make regular treks to Pelee, and have started branching out by visiting other countries to see what nature and culture we can discover.

In addition to her love of the outdoors, Pattie also avidly pursues her hobby of working with fabric, meaning she loves sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, and particularly her latest passion: rug-hooking.  Yes, I live with a hooker (who occasionally strips before she hooks).  Sorry… I know that is becoming a tired line, but I can’t help it :-).

Join us both and share our journey as we post on the things we like to do most when time permits.


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