Winter birds restrospective

While in theory spring has been with us for several weeks now, winter seems reluctant to relax its grip.  However, there are definite signs it will have to give way: Fox and Song Sparrows singing, our “resident” Northern Cardinal gathering nesting material, even American Woodcock peenting in the evening.

Herewith, then, a few reminders from the past winter of the hardiness and beauty of a few of the birds that called in at 7 Bridle Path Lane this past winter, starting with this Mourning Dove that hunkered down for a December 27 blizzard:

Mourning Dove

Our feeders were busy that day, although the snow piled up quickly, and birds like this Downy Woodpecker had to work around the white stuff:

Downy Woodpecker

On the “last” day of winter, first of spring, a flock of 22 Bohemiam Waxwings descended on our Christmas light adorned Crabapple Tree:


They provided a great opportunity to study and photograph a species that only occurs in New Brunswick during late fall and winter.



A short video of a couple of the birds can be found here:

Interestingly, you can see a reflection of our house in the eye of this individual:


I’ll close this post with a bird that Suzanne Bonnell and I saw at the Point Lepreau Christmas Bird Count, a colourful male Pine Grosbeak:

Pine Grosbeak

Now onto spring!


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    2 Responses to Winter birds restrospective

    1. Vitaly says:

      Great captures neeesr! These guys are now bouncing around the yard but tricky, well at least for me to try and capture a snap. They are rather comical birds, and oh, so cute

    2. Rahul says:

      Well seeing as we have neihter of these down here I can’t comment other than to say that this is a beaut looking little bird, be it a Chickadee or a black capped Nuthatch.

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